Fuck Buddy, Equally emotionally unstable partner, Friend with benefits, non-exclusive partner.
This word is absolutely NOT an acronym for "Before anything else" as some would have you believe.
It is used by your average club slut or douchebag to refer to their opposite sex partner who they flirt with, have sex with but are not in a committed relationship with.
This is probably one of the worst slang words to ever be invented.

People who use Bae are more likely to be unfaithful in any sort of real-world relationship.
Hey Bae, wanna come over and fuck?

Ohh her? no we aren't together, she's just my Bae.

Julia got pissed because I was spending more time with my other Bae Sarah.
by FHRITP-Guy November 17, 2014
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Someone whos your bf gf bff or someone close
"Who's Jeffers?!"
"He's my bae
by cutieeemb May 22, 2016
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Commonly by retards used to describe their girlfriend or boyfriend. Also used by retards to say something is cool. It’s actually bæ, and means “poop” in Danish.
“You’re my bae.”
~An imbecile
“I gotta go take a bæ!!”
~Someone who actually has a brain and knows what the word means
by Regrub6 April 15, 2015
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Babe, just an abbreviation for someone too lazy to write out 'babe'
You're my bae!

You couldn't written babe^
by ahistericalgirl April 14, 2014
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