badr is the arabic word for the moon when it is complete.
Badr is also used to call a cute person
it is a name! example : where were you Badr?
by steve berman December 01, 2003
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Somebody who doesnt need any intro. He's naurally strong, pretty confident of his self, and would succeed in whatever he does.
His only drawback is that he falls for certain people maybe too fast.
O I wish if i could be a Badr.

Look at that Badr's abs.
by Stephani Cruz January 02, 2009
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A word that is used to describe a person that has at least two of these problems, has a long stomache, has an insanely stupid laugh, doesn't know how to ride a bike, is in honors and studies constantly, has never kissed a girl. A badr is used by their friends for money, and are frequently abused.
Is the badr coming to the movies with us, I don't have money!
by Victoria Monaco October 19, 2011
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Boss Around, Don't Reply

When you're chatting with your friend on MSN at the office and your boss is dangerously near your computer. Your friend should be aware of that and don't reply until he gets your OK.
DaPlaya69: Hey dude! I gotta tell you that story!
DaPlaya69: I was with Monika yesterday. We start drinking and we've been into my hot-tub!
Alex @ work: Awesome! And what happens?
DaPlaya69: You wouldn't believe how horny she was!
Alex @ work: BADR!!

5 minutes later

Alex @ work: Ok, you can go on
by Synotte December 03, 2009
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