is a type of person who will always roast who. He is so handsome he'll make you get a hard on. Badr is a god among gods
by Mam ore Mbackee October 22, 2019
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A Badres is a someone who is super kind because they as if they have to be. They are caring and loved by all because of their friendly-ness. Also they humble themselves by means of criticizing their own body or personality.
A Badres is someone who is kind, loved, loving, and humble.
by ILY.Badres October 29, 2013
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Boss Around, Don't Reply

When you're chatting with your friend on MSN at the office and your boss is dangerously near your computer. Your friend should be aware of that and don't reply until he gets your OK.
DaPlaya69: Hey dude! I gotta tell you that story!
DaPlaya69: I was with Monika yesterday. We start drinking and we've been into my hot-tub!
Alex @ work: Awesome! And what happens?
DaPlaya69: You wouldn't believe how horny she was!
Alex @ work: BADR!!

5 minutes later

Alex @ work: Ok, you can go on
by Synotte December 3, 2009
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Badr the thiccest is a guy with a insanely big butt his butt is so big, plump, round, and juicy he has 8 husbands and they all are okay with it because who doesn’t want Badr the thiccest. He turns straight guys gay.
Did you see Badr the thiccest, I want to be his 9th husband.

I turned gay for Badr the thiccest last week.
by Big booty badr February 4, 2020
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Sonia Badr is the best grandmother anyone could ever ask for (rip😢). she's kind, very generous, funny, and beautiful as hell. Sonia Badr had such a pure soul and i hope i made you and still will make you proud. rest in peace.
Sonia Badr, what kind soul
by fafy22 November 25, 2020
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the opp himself
this nigga an opp badr shimi
by badr shimi January 12, 2022
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Big booty Badr is a guy named Badr that is just so thicc its unbelievable
Woah did you see big booty Badr he’s insanely thicc
by Big booty badr February 3, 2020
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