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Utilizing the interaction of clutching arms as a conduit to exchange power between individuals
Richard:Hey man!
Good Sir:Hi, *squeezes arm* Badinga!
by R_Lorenzo July 26, 2016
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A stupid word from an old cartoon. Badinga!!! A Colorful fun enducing friend.
Where is the life cereal? Badinga got me. No But I'm based on a real flying dutchman.
by Efrum the Retarded Rabbit September 02, 2003
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How my immediate family refers to a penis when talking in a family friendly setting.
Sarah: I want to suck his badinga so bad.
Bobby: Eww! You want to suck that guy's badinga? It probably smells like gym socks.
Sarah: I heard he was nicknamed Horse while in prison. His badinga has GOT to be huge.
by EatMyBadinga June 05, 2018
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