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Apparently, the top definition tells us it means when a girl's ass is hanging out of her pants.

Instead of using normal words to describe this, retarded people from the mean streets of harlem or whatever, decided to use some "urban" funky words. 99% of the slang that exists is fucking stupid, i mean, what the fuck is shizzle my nizzle, for the good of humankind, if you ever hear that phrase mutter, shove your fist at speed into whoever said it's mouth.

This is stupid, bad moon on the rise, is derived from the Creedence song, Bad Moon Rising. Its a phrase used to describe a bad omen, or bad things on the horizon.
When people bastardise normal words for such a stupid phenomenon, i see the Bad Moon on the Rise.

Yeah, shut up with your stupid made up slang, fuckfaces.
by bastardo_bill September 09, 2004
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(n.) -- the unfortunate view you get when a girl sitting in front of you is wearing very low shorts and a g-string or a thong.
Bad Moon On The Rise is actually a song title, but it fits this phenomenon because the "moon" refers to the girl's rear end, and the whole phrase implies that it's not a generally pleasant thing to look at.
by Bria June 05, 2004
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