A word of Jamaican/ rastafarian descent used to describe an individual who goes against the grain of society and/or politics. Is often used to describe gangstas as well.
Mi bredrin, dem man dem a bad man!! Ya dun know!
by CanadianRudeBway August 24, 2005
a real man who ain't never scared... holds a glock and will hit your mother with a bat and still go over by her house for thanksgiving dinner.
That Bad Man take my bike and all I did was smile :(.
by Bee-tach December 11, 2003
A devil. Someone who whispers evil temptations in your ear. Someone who makes you thing inappropriately.
Keep away from that guy, he's a bad man." "Don't worry know one will ever know, blalala.
by 21st century gent March 8, 2011

1. a jamaican term that is often used as an expression of machismo or an affirmation of masculine strength.
2. a jamaican term for a violent criminal or a person associated with violent activities.
"Mind how you talk to me. You no fi talk to bad man so."
"Don't go to that club. Is bare bad man down deh."
by neochin June 17, 2004
In the U.K. at least, bad mans are usually spotty illiterate chavs who hang around in groups thinking they're hard.
"Nah dan, theres bare bad mans on the park"
by Chavchaser September 28, 2005
Person who truly give no fucks about their behavior, however depraved it may be. Acronym BME (Bad Man Empire) may be used as a synonym for intended or current depraved antics or acknowledgement of same.
Johnny: You tried to get off my my bird's friend last night, felt her tit, then did a big line in front of us all
Marco: That's the bad man

Steve: We heading out tonight?
Peter: BME!
by DonBishop January 26, 2021
other word for gangster
man ah bad man
by McH June 20, 2003