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A word of Jamaican/ rastafarian descent used to describe an individual who goes against the grain of society and/or politics. Is often used to describe gangstas as well.
Mi bredrin, dem man dem a bad man!! Ya dun know!
by CanadianRudeBway August 23, 2005
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originating from the jamaica the word is used to describe a gangsta
person 1 - ya see dat man deh him shot 5 five police.

person 2 - him ah real badman
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1. a jamaican term that is often used as an expression of machismo or an affirmation of masculine strength.
2. a jamaican term for a violent criminal or a person associated with violent activities.
"Mind how you talk to me. You no fi talk to bad man so."
"Don't go to that club. Is bare bad man down deh."
by neochin June 17, 2004
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In the U.K. at least, bad mans are usually spotty illiterate chavs who hang around in groups thinking they're hard.
"Nah dan, theres bare bad mans on the park"
by Chavchaser September 28, 2005
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A term originating from London used to describe a gangster or a rebel who does not respect authority. Often associated with urban culture, UK rap etc..

One can also use the term as a sarcastic insult..i.e if a person thinks they are "bad" but is conceived to be a pussy by others
person A "yo bro im running tingz around dese endz" ...
Person B "your sick blad, your a badman"
Jerome's shotting big tings, he's a badman

Nico jus bust up that pussy, baddmann!

Look at them badmans over ther thinkin ther ruff
by Kman2001 December 02, 2007
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doing a badman - is also known as doing a carboni, or doing a freddy. this word derives from the baddest man of all. name Frederico Carboni. an italian related to a terroist, who came to a private school to show his badman ways to all around. his name 'BADMAN' soon stuck from pupils and teachers alike.
person 1: WOW, did you see that guy throw a rock at that granny?
person 2: he is being a badman!!!

PERSON 1: that frederico carboni is a bad bad man. who knows what he will do next?
by themagicalmagician February 16, 2011
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