An incomplete attempt at a satisfying shit.

A turd that snaps off prematurely, requiring excessive wiping that usually results in a clogged toilet, sloss, a raw sore asshole, a greasy unclean feeling the rest of the day, and ultimately skid marks.
I was so excited to have a satisfying dump, but sadly it ended in a bad break.

I gotta go and rewipe.. I had a bad break earlier..

Call a plumber, the toilet is filled with sloss.... "Oh sorry about that I had a bad break this morning."
by Jt8d November 03, 2012
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When you truly love a girl and she dumps you out of nowhere.Seriously, and all you want to do is scream but can't to protect your ego. But inside feels like a fire of rage, and sorrow.
"Dude I just got over Miya that was such a bad break up."

"Hey I saw how much pain you were in I felt so bad".
by THE WOR February 28, 2015
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To Break Bad is to reject social norms for one's own gain or amusement. To give up on the typical moral and social norm and go one's own path, regardless of the legality or ethics.
Are you really ready to break bad, bitch?
by TheOtherWhiteMatter September 22, 2013
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The BEST show to come on TV in a long time.
The plot centers around Walter White, a chemistry teacher with nothing going right. He doesn't get paid enough, his son has cerebral palsy, his wife is pregnant, and to top it all off, he has lung cancer. So the only logical way to raise money is to use his skills in chemistry to cook up some really "good" meth and sell it with the help of his former student-turned-pusher. It also doesn't help that his brother in law is in the DEA. Bryan Cranston, known as the wacky father and only saving grace of that disgraceful malcolm in the middle show, plays Walter to perfection.
If you haven't seen this show...WATCH IT!
Breaking Bad, on AMC on sunday nights.
by Joey Boombatz February 24, 2008
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Sometimes, life forces you to cross the line. You're going about your normal everyday routine, when suddenly something truly awful happens and all that pent-up rage you feel about your job, your marriage, your very existence, is released with unstoppable fury. Some call it "reaching the breaking point"; others call it "breaking bad."

Breaking Bad (v.) 1. to challenge convention 2. to defy authority 3. to raise hell
by RShinra March 25, 2009
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Comes from the American Southwest slang phrase "to break bad," meaning to challenge conventions, to defy authority and to skirt the edges of the law.
"What, you just decided to break bad one day?"
by Jake Jawesome September 27, 2011
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A colloquialism popular in the American Southwest referring to when someone has taken a turn off the path of the straight and narrow, when they've deviated from what's right.
Walter White was a wholesome strait-laced family man and working class high school chemistry teacher; but when he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer he began breaking bad, turning to a life of crime, manufacturing and selling methamphetamine.
by J3NNIF3R November 24, 2011
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