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When you bang your friend's hot sister in his house, then have her cook you bacon and eggs. You then stroll down the stairs in a house coat after finishing breakfast and say 'was up' to your friend, forever humiliating him.
I bacon and eggsed my friend's sister last night. He was pissed.
by ownzzzd September 13, 2008
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Tourettes Guy's favorite breakfast, aside from Total.
Shirlena: Danny, what do ya want for breakfast?
Tourettes Guy: Bacon and eggs dear!
Shirlena: What?
by LakeCharlesGuy March 30, 2009
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Hey, that shirt and tie go together like bacon and eggs.

Do this gold toof go wif my shirt? Hell yea, do bacon go wif eggs?
by ilikeitwetpls December 05, 2004
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Two words that randomly sound and work together well. Should be used when you are happy and want to rap for no reason.
Bacon 'n' eggs, bacon 'n' eggs, bacon and bacon and bacon and eggs!
by duskj October 25, 2003
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A discreet way in which to tell someone who do not give a shit about what they are saying, and in fact can't believe they are saying it all.
Boring person: I bought some Jeff Banks boxers today!
Normal person: Did ya mate? I had a fucking bacon and egg this morning!

This could be followed by others saying: oh dear mate, you've just been bacon and egged!

Can be reinforced with actions such as those that imitate a bazuka, catapult etc firing bacon and egg at them.
by AB123456 May 16, 2011
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