Any popular street in a rundown, disreputable area.
"okay theres this couple and they've been dating for about 3 years

but they were both virgins coz they didnt believe in sex b4 marriage.

they decided to get married and right after the ceremony they sneak out into a back alley. the girl grabs onto a fence and pulls up her dress and the guy makes love vigourously for 30 mins they go at it until they sit down exhausted and see the best man has been watching them the whole time.

the best man says: i didnt realize two people could make love

so hard.

and the girl replied: and we didnt know the fence was electric."
by William Warney April 12, 2011
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A dark space on twitter and discord where the gutter animals hang out to create good vibes and chill beats.
I'm going to chill in the Back Alley tonight. - Gutter Dog
Have you heard, the dogs are gathering in the Back Alley. - Gutter Pigeon
by BeatTheOdds January 21, 2022
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a bar in downtown fullerton california where fashion-tattood douchebags in girls pants go to socialize with each other whilst drinking overpriced booze served in warm glasses.
wanna go to the back alley? no thanks, i'd rather go to a bar with good service at decent prices and avoid all the douchebaggery.
by Lucas L August 11, 2006
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Do you take me for some back alley Sally? Fuck off.

Tom here was fucking some back alley Sally last night.
by Mother of Madness February 6, 2017
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When one accidentally licks a girls armpit that has deodorant applied, thus drying out their mouth.
I was sucking down Whitney's neck and titties, when I accidental licked that pit and got that Hartford Back Alley hittah. Gang Gang.
by Salty EnYaMouthSon June 28, 2018
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A woman with an appetite for sordid sex on the sneak, especially with strangers, and who frequents establishments where she can meet them and let them get her out into the "back alley." She often gets a particular thrill from going down on her knees and performing oral sex in the litter-strewn street.
One of Mike's friends saw his wife leaving a bar by the back door with another man, and the word soon spread to everyone but Mike that Bonnie was a dirty little back alley bitch.
by July41944 June 1, 2009
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Fucking a chick in the ass while going down a waterslide.
Steve and Mindy were kicked out of Waterville for performing a back-alley bobsled.
by ahrnygoose September 23, 2010
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