When a guy looks really innocent but also really hot and he makes you frustrated.

Aka "cutie-sexy"
by yoonhopi July 28, 2017
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A man who loves his Babygirl more than she loves him, by far.
Girl: "I love you the most"
Boy: "No, thats not posible cause i'm the Babyboy"
by *smiling* September 13, 2012
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Someone who means a lot to you. Someone who will be with you by your side no matter what. Somebody who you can call yours forever. Usually your boyfriend.
i love you my babyboy
by naltamirano October 27, 2011
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you'll always be my babyboy!
by donia+maria September 20, 2003
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Boy submissiv

Cute, sweet and precious boy
The good boy for his daddy

Some babyboys:
Zhong Chenle
Yoon Sanha

Park Jimin
Do u know? Chenle is babyboy.
by Yongin March 8, 2018
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A movie starring Tyrese who played Jody. Jody was a broke dude who had two kids and two baby momma's still living with his own momma in her house.

"Yes mamma?"

"Come on babyboy it's time for dinner"

"Ok momma"
by Diva Doll 81 January 24, 2007
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