The act of placing a crisp dollar bill on the palm of one's hand and wiping a Strippy's puss with it as if you were wiping a baby's ass.
Yo did you see Nick "Baby Wipe" that strippy last night at Gua Gua's?
by Strippies April 8, 2014
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The term “baby wipe” can be used to reference something you might smell after doing cocaine; referenced by ski mask slump god
Bruh this coke got me wondering where there’s a baby wipe at
by Mami. A September 8, 2018
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The act of licking your partners butthole after they had just taken a shit.
Mark was about to get in the shower when his partner gave him a good baby wiping instead.
by Oreogobbler January 15, 2018
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a kid who is a ass wipe
u call adults ass wipes and kids baby wipes
"did that kid just smack u?"
"yeah that baby wipe"
by latrisha February 13, 2008
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Baby wipes are so beautiful if you see some you want to shove it in your bra. The smell makes your cleavage smell like sardines. P.s it turns your cleavage a funny colour (yellow) which is so beautiful. My friends all like to smell my boobs once I have done it. Sometimes I use them to wipe my babies sick off the carpet so it is convenient to have a stash in your bra. My baby is starting a new diet today which is baby wipes blended with his poo also it drinks baby wipe juice mixed with almond milk and a hint of vanilla essence. My baby’s bum hole is not as sore as it used to be because it is touching the baby wipe moisture every second of the day. Ps if the baby projectiles all over you just slap it and there you go you have red bottoms.
Baby wipes are the answers to life
by Unknownrandn December 22, 2019
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When one is without toilet paper and or baby wipes, they must “hillbilly baby wipe” themselves. Simply spit on your fingers run them through your ass hole and you have completed the hillbilly baby wipe.
“ damnit frank we’re out of tp! Well don’t be a pussy just hillbilly baby wipe ya self!”
by Gbomb69 February 15, 2021
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A quick and dirty way to clean yourself outside of a normal bathing situation (e.g. a festival, a service station toilet, in the car on the way to work). Frequently used by festival goers when the provided facilities are less than desirable.
"Oh my GOD I have the worst case of festivalfanny. I need to stop having baby wipe baths and have a real shower!"
by larkusto February 6, 2010
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