The most versatile substance known to man kind. It's great for relieving itches and rashes, masking intense body odors, as well as being a lovely smoke-like diversion for all of you MacGyvers out there.
"Our room smells like shit"
"Don't spray Axe, I've got a large container of baby powder instead"

"I've got an issue with my gooch"
"Here, put some baby powder on it"

"...he came out of the bathroom wearing an urban turban and made his escape by distracting us with a cloud of baby powder"
by Etgar 36 '12 August 2, 2012
A white man who always used lube no matter what, fixing cars, or on his wife's dildo and even when he has sex with his wife he wears a condom and lives it up real good
Friend: How's it going Sherry
Wife:Joe is such a Baby Powder
Friend: I always knew there was something wrong with him
by Deakabsjsk December 14, 2019
Just like Jenevieve’s neo soul song, baby powder is essentially a person whom you originally thought was the PERFECT catch, had it all, amazing vibe/looks/personality … until they started stringing you along. So from a major turn on (metaphor - wetness) they became a major turn off (metaphor - dryness) aka baby powder.
- So how are things progressing with your hot crush ?

- Ugh, he turned out to be baby powder.
by thecertiesther June 10, 2022
A white substance that you put on your hand right before smacking your hoe. This usually happens when she is holding money from you. It can also happen when she is not willing to pull a trick for you.
"give me my money bitch, dont make me get the baby powder again"
by JenningsT June 8, 2006
its a gud smellin powder substance that you put around ya neck or ears before u go out it shows how clean and fresh you also give the scent boost (try not to sweat) majority of the girlz love it if u a boy u can wear it but mostly girls wear it cuz they sum sexi babi ;)
you: wuz up girl damn u smellin gud (after u give a hug)

girl: thanx its baby powder
flip side

girl: hey boo (give u a hug) wow u smellin fresh wut iz that/

you: aint nun jus sum baby powder to give ma secent the extra boost.

girl: yea aints workin lol
by Pleasure P July 14, 2008