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An incredibly spirited person with a wicked temper but beautiful soul. Jenevieve can be relied upon in times of need to offer anything from a shoulder to cry on to a good slap of common sense and can at times put others first too often and become emotionally drained. Radiating her emotions, Jenevieve can either make people smile from her presence or make them wallow in misery. Jenevieve is definitely an individual like no other.
Person 1: Why are you so happy?
Person 2: Just had a dose of Jenevieve.

Person A: You look shaken?
Person B: Yeah, there's a furious Jenevieve on the loose.
by Little Fisher March 01, 2013
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Originating from Genevieve, has many nicknames, doesnt follow people around SHE LEADS THEM. She acts crazy almost all the time and still doesnt care what anyone thinks. many people are jealous of Jenevieve and talk about her behind her back (she still doesn't care).you couldn't call jenevieve pretty, because she is unique....Jenevieve has a crappy attitude she has anger managment problems she doesnt know how to take a joke.
person one: That Chick is so creepy
person two: No, she is just Jenevieve
by Dr. MCFisher April 13, 2009
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