A Niche character from the West Wing, it is also the name that YouTuber: Binging with Babish took on who makes food from pop culture, video games, or TV show, dishes such as the Krabby Pattie from Spongebob Squarepants or The Eggselent Challenge from Regular Show are just some of the hundreds of things he's made.
Babish is a very talented cook
by Davatron42 July 20, 2019
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When someone is academically smart but their intuition and general knowledge is poor.
Person 1: Can you solve this little puzzle?
Person 2: Huhh? What is a puzzle????
Person 1: How the fuck do you not know what a puzzle is, you're so **Babish**.
Person 2: What does babish mean??
by Zed0 December 01, 2020
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An idiotic non sense person who makes lame jokes and dialogs to keep an argument going and also loves to masturbate until his dick gets swollen like a elephants leg
He's starting to be a Babish
by Revolverraja007 December 27, 2016
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Binging with Babish - Cook. Icon . Legend. Binging with Babish is a YouTuber going by the real name of Andrew Rea, who hosts 3 BWB shows (Binging with Babish, Basics with Babish as well as his new baby: Being With Babish) on the said YouTube channel and is also author of the cookbook: 'Eat What You Watch'.

Babish or 'Babby' as he was rebranded by Brad from BonAppetits 'It's Alive', also happens to be one hell of a dude, with a beard and ink, that are beyond glorious. Just an all-round GOD.
Steve: Have you seen the new Binging with Babish video last night?
Carl: Damn right I did. Babby was Tiny-whisking the shit outta that pansauce...
Steve: Yep, Those flavors definitely got to know each other.
by The Stigs German Cousin March 27, 2019
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