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Binging with Babish - Cook. Icon . Legend. Binging with Babish is a YouTuber going by the real name of Andrew Rea, who hosts 3 BWB shows (Binging with Babish, Basics with Babish as well as his new baby: Being With Babish) on the said YouTube channel and is also author of the cookbook: 'Eat What You Watch'.

Babish or 'Babby' as he was rebranded by Brad from BonAppetits 'It's Alive', also happens to be one hell of a dude, with a beard and ink, that are beyond glorious. Just an all-round GOD.
Steve: Have you seen the new Binging with Babish video last night?
Carl: Damn right I did. Babby was Tiny-whisking the shit outta that pansauce...
Steve: Yep, Those flavors definitely got to know each other.
by The Stigs German Cousin March 27, 2019
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/Verb/ created, established and often used by YouTube cooking icon Binging with Babish.
Always when regular-sized whisk will not do (or is in the sink for that matter) Babby whips out the secret BWB-weapon:
No one ever could bring flavors better to get to know each other then Tiny-whisk does.
George: *Watching the freshly uploaded BWB video on YouTube*
George: Oh no he's not gonna do it, is he?
Babby: *Whips out the iconic Tiny-whisk*
Babby: Ok and then we're Tiny-whisking those together until there's only small crumbs of butter left!
by The Stigs German Cousin March 27, 2019
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