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Name of a cartoon character from 1970s who used to destroy foes with a loud, sonic "ba-boom!" from his unusually big, frog-like mouth.
Ba-Boom aims his big mouth at his target and blows out: "ba boom!"
by loso201 February 07, 2009
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term used while major ownage. Most typically used in a loud tone. During use ears will began to gush blood and people will began to die. After word there seems to be a sight of locoation where there is a huge cretor. If begun to be heard. Run like hell.
Video game scene. Presumibly smash
player 1 "dude I am owning you"
player two is pissed and begans to yell extrondinarily loud "BABOOM!!!!!!!!"
earth shakes
Player 1 dies while hearing
Player 2 "FUCK YOU!"
by Nooby bot February 17, 2008
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a "player" in every respect! often found playing (or attempting too) games such as TFC. Know phrases to look for :


Can be easily spotted by the large GINGER hairdo

Often found in the local transvestite bar (Nottingham)

Gender = Female
by USB February 10, 2003
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