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Short for "by the way" or "btw"
The dubbs represents two w's
double u's=dubbs
"BTDubbs, I think I'm going to that party."
by rso333 March 17, 2008
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Like by the way is btw. Double You gets abbreviated to dubbs.

Girl: "Lets Bang right now"
Guy: "Sweet! BT-Dubbs, I have gonorrhea"
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short for "by the way" dubbs mean W for way
oh b t dubbs, I cut some watermelon for your mom.


b t dubbs, I've had better


I just got out of the shower and b t dubbs I like your face
by sebastian123 June 19, 2010
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Just a cooler way to say BTW so that you don't look like that nerd using all the lame acronyms. If you used BTW before then you can change and instantly regain respect. True story.
You: Stephen, I got this new----Oh BTDubbs I made brownies!

Stephen: Uh Gheyyyy
by Lilbreebriiiiiiiii May 26, 2014
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a phrase that is used when one is too pressed for time and/or too bad ass to use the entire phrase "by the way."

"w" is occasionally said in place of the "dubbs" but only by losers who are not awesome enough to say it correctly.
"Oh, b. t. dubbs, I had sex with your dad and he was awesome."
by jess and jen January 26, 2010
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definiteion: by the way.

Original saying from the coolest man alive: Bryan with a Y.
Oh btdubbs, your dog just pooped all over the floor. You should prolly clean that up.
by BJK May 06, 2004
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