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You don't mean to use it and seem like a damn dork around your cool cat friends. You are secretly trying to fit in because you played too much Pokemon and Mario Sunshine in the fucked up womb that you were born in.
You: I was totally trying to go see that guy the other night---

Stephen: Ohkay...
by Lilbreebriiiiiiiii May 26, 2014
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Drugs are a very broad category of things that can really make a guy act like a complete ass. He will then proceed to blame the drugs because he was stupid and thirsty from them.
Man, I do not remember anything about last night, must have been the drugs. Oh wait, shhhiiiitt............
by Lilbreebriiiiiiiii May 27, 2014
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Just a cooler way to say BTW so that you don't look like that nerd using all the lame acronyms. If you used BTW before then you can change and instantly regain respect. True story.
You: Stephen, I got this new----Oh BTDubbs I made brownies!

Stephen: Uh Gheyyyy
by Lilbreebriiiiiiiii May 26, 2014
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A Stephen is someone who will never admit he is wrong and half the time he really is. You love him but at the same time you really hate him. He is pretty crazy and won't hesitate to hurt you at any given moment. He is a very smart individual and will rub it in your face if you give him the chance, so don't give a Stephen the chance.. He is a dick around the bros, although he is funny at times, but he is sweet when he wants to be. Stephens are actually very sweet people deep down. He has style, but that is something that you should never let onto either. It will boost his already big ego too much. He will watch TV with you and repeat every line he finds hilarious and then laugh obnoxiously. But you always love a Stephen's laugh too. Mostly he is a man of mystery for no reason, no reason.
You: So I thought it was so funny when---

Stephen: Hey, hey, can I get you to raise your hand? Yeah, that's who cares.
by Lilbreebriiiiiiiii May 26, 2014
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