The biggest piece of garbage clan on RuneScape.
Home of Stingroo, who became a leader because he is friends with the founder. He is a stuck up piece of shit. Even most BSK members don't like him.
BSK Sucks
I totally stabbed Stingroo in the face.
by Justin_Jgh January 24, 2008
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Bull Shit Kill

The kind of of death in a game that makes you go "BULL SHIT!!!!" There was no possible way that the person that killed you got the kill but he did somehow. Just total bull shit.
Gamer 1: I threw two grenades at him he is 1 hit easy kill.

(Gamer 1 dies)
Gamer 2: How'd you just die???!?!

Gamer 1: BSK bro... he came around the corner and sniped my face off.
by Doc EeDd August 25, 2010
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The skate team: Bimbo skate kr3w
did u see bsk's new skate video
by X@ND3R :)(: November 8, 2008
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'Bonnyrigg Sick Kunts' - masters of the world
BSK all the way...!! always is n always will b
by GoGee n Geebo October 21, 2003
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(The Bay Side Krew) a gang of punks and thugs whose turf includes the east side / belmont shore areas in the city of Long Beach, CA. Headquartered in East Long Beach, BSK members can most often be found chilling in the shade of an old maple tree on the penninsula in Belmont shore. Also gangmembers can often be sighted driving around in THE BSK mobile, which is used to transport soldiers of THE BSK regime. BSK members like to chill all day every day, and are often times extreemly intoxicated. BSK members are generally regarded as straight chillers but if you challenge them to a game of ultimate frisbee they will most likely fuck your shit up. Most BSK activities include straight chillin with the hommies, slappin the bitches, jockin the hoes, spitin gangsta ass beats that make your head bop, straight chillin, and selling banned substances. A primitive form of the BSK has been present since 1994 but the gang was not offically founded until the summer of 2008. If you do not know who the founding members of THE BSK are, then you are not worthy.
FOOL: "hey when are you chillin with THE BSK?"

BSK Member: "all Day, every day"
by TGAF June 21, 2009
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The bsk,the original "bay side krew" is a group of homosexual men and woman from San Francisco who every weekend for the past two years, leave the castro and go to lands end nude beach for some nude fun in the sun.
"it will be a super day with the BSK"
by prancer25 June 24, 2009
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