Brandy is a girl that has standards but no limits. She is beautiful.. And amazing in every way. She is brutally honest... So you know where you stand and doesn't care wut u think of her. Brandy is loyal to everyone in her life but can fuck someone up real gud if there not as loyal back. Brandy is always down for a good time but knows that she has responsibilitys. Brandy is Brandy... And she likes being there for anyone at anytime
Hi I am Brandy lol ..I just described me self .... Humble??? Idk
by Brandy? September 17, 2017
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A Brandi is a very down to earth girl. She loves alcohol and partying with her friends. A Brandi doesn't care what others think and doesn't have a filter. When a Brandi falls in love she falls in love hard and will give you her all. Brandis are unique people with a unique personality and can usually make you laugh without any effort but be careful because when you make a Brandi mad you might as well of released hell's wrath. A Brandi is a loyal friend to have and will do anything for people she cares about. Anyone who catches a Brandi should consider themselves lucky.
Whoa did you see that Brandi over there she's gorgeous.
by ayeyooogurllll December 28, 2014
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Illest and dopest chick you'll ever meet. She loves hard & drama free. She's very sensual and affectionate. Non materialistic and she picks her friends like she picks her fruit. She is hard to anger, but once angered, beware.
Don't you just want to please Brandi .
by Jj1028 December 22, 2016
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A Brandi is a really beautiful girl. She pays attention to her friends in need and cares a lot about them. Brandi's have really cute eyes and a smile. She loves her friends so much and is a nice person to joke around with. Brandi is the best girl you will ever meet and won't get bored of her.
"Have you met Brandi yet?"
"Yeah! She's a blast!"
by AnonymousPerson2169 December 28, 2014
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Loyal sweet kind. But when you make her mad, you run far very far away, she will smile with you with out you knowing she's mad, then bam your out!
I though Brandi was so sweet, then I broke her heart, I thought she forgave me, till my whole world fell apart.
by Me40 December 20, 2016
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A complicated, strong & rare creature. Truly fascinating & defines intensity in every way. They have intoxicating beauty & entrancing minds that'll drive you to more; despite getting bit!
Places they're found:
- Anywhere shiny, expensive, or cue is

- Curbstomping that b*tch who wronged her
- Chasing random cute dogs so she can pet

If spotted, don't be fooled by 'innocent' nature of walking alone. Be protected during eye contact, you'll get a judging look that cuts to your core. If "the smile" is received, you can approach w/ some safety -Hiphop should be played to distract

Made it past 1st encounter w/ dignity & health in-tact? You're on a journey w/ a woman who is the most demanding, amazing, frustrating, loving, stubborn, adorable variety of all! Love & passion never die as a partner & they are always at 110%. A fantastic friend, lover, mother, & accomplice. Survive the judgements & hang-trums, & you have someone who'll be loyally yours to the end (or until you're kicked to curb).
Tips for bringing a Brandy into your life:
- They ALL suffer from a terrible disease known as EDL (Excessive Drama Leakage) so there are always little drama puddles nearby. Drama sacs are invisible so a petite Brandy seems like minimal space req'd but the sacs auto-expand to at least 85% of the avail. area.
- Love can be bought w/ home BBQ
- Food ends ANY argument
- If dogs or videos & pictures of dogs, or any other "Awww" animal content is near, you DO NOT have her attention
1. 'Brandy' - ˈbran-dē (noun): "If you are throwing a house party, 1 Brandy is the equivalent of 3 norms & will keep it poppin or throw-down if shit gets real"

2. 'Brandy' - ˈbran-dē (verb): Guy: "I slipped in a Brandy puddle last night" Friend: "you spilled your drink?" Guy: "no, something happened at my girlfriend's work so her drama bags were leaking all over
3. 'Brandy' - ˈbran-dē (adj.): Friend: "Congrats on the engagement! What's Brandy like?" Me: "She's definitely a Brandy" Friend: "No shit she's Brandy, what's she like?" Me: "Exactly! She's not like anything but herself"
by 3vi1M0nk3yz June 11, 2019
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A girl that is very beautiful but has no self confidence and is very shy because eveyone leaves her. She is worth every minute but feels like she is worth nothing.
Boy1: this girl brandy doesnt know how amazing and beautiful she is.
Boy2: only if she saw herself through my eyes
by The truth from a girl March 10, 2015
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