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Brandy is a girl that has standards but no limits. She is beautiful.. And amazing in every way. She is brutally honest... So you know where you stand and doesn't care wut u think of her. Brandy is loyal to everyone in her life but can fuck someone up real gud if there not as loyal back. Brandy is always down for a good time but knows that she has responsibilitys. Brandy is Brandy... And she likes being there for anyone at anytime
Hi I am Brandy lol ..I just described me self .... Humble??? Idk
by Brandy? September 17, 2017
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Typically the name of a girl who is stunningly beautiful, smart, easy to talk to and the kind of person youcan stay up half the night with. Always a good loving person.
Man that girl is breath taking! I'll bet her name is Brandy.
by Ah Bah 1234! August 24, 2009
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A girl that is very beautiful but has no self confidence and is very shy because eveyone leaves her. She is worth every minute but feels like she is worth nothing.
Boy1: this girl brandy doesnt know how amazing and beautiful she is.
Boy2: only if she saw herself through my eyes
by The truth from a girl March 11, 2015
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Brandy is the most stunning girl,she can be a bitch most of the time but you still love her she is beatiful , caring and the most perfect girl also smart ,but can be wild
I wish I could have that brandy
by Brandy lover August 07, 2015
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A girl that is the image of perfection; adored and beloved by millions, and willing to spread her love to the far stretches of the world so that all can be blessed by in her glory
"that chick is radiatingly beautiful"
"yerp, that's a brandy for ya"
by Sire Anon August 12, 2011
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A Girl Who's Crazy, Yet loving, caring, and will fuck you up if you touched her.Does love sex, porn, but is very smart, always pretty, and witty, ussualy a bitch, but is the best kind of girl. Ussualy is a dick magnent.
Guy1: Dude! I wish she was my girlfriend!
Guy2:Yah, you wish MY Brandy Was Your girlfriend..Guy1: Your girlfriend?? Guy2: Yeah, She's da bes Girlfriend you'll neva have! Guy2: Don't count on it~
by Silver Eyes April 26, 2009
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