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SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. bralen is so fucking cute and delicious. his smile shines brighter than his diamond earrings, which his jawline could cut! Every girl wants to be with him and his friendship is a staple of popularity. He’s athletic, smart, talented, and overall an amazing person...the FULL package. He’s so fucking cool!! His body is beautiful and his abs are rock hard. Besides being a total ladies man he’s an amazing friend and is always there for you when you need him most. If you ever turn down a Bralen, it’s your lost because he’s one of a fucking kind.
girl one: omg did you see Bralen today?

girl two: yesssss! He’s so beautiful!!
by Hannah bananah June 19, 2019
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Bralen is the coolest person ever and he's freakin HOT, super HOT. He is the smartest kid I've ever met and he gets the grades everyone wishes they could have. It's crazy because he is good at EVERYTHING. He is the best friend anyone could ask her and he is kinda popular. He is super athletic and overall a great guy....oh and did I mention HE IS HOT. if you have a Bralen in your life don't let him go because you won't find anyone else like him.
Woah did you see Bralen today, He's so HOT!
by Shana Idowu February 25, 2019
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a term used to describe the best friend a chick could have! no lie! she is always there to talk to whenever you need her the most. Also, she is the ultimate master at secret keeping. When her time of month rolls around, she can deffinately be a bitch, and she thinks she knows pretty much everything. Other than that, she is totally so damn amazing, and simply irreplaceable.
rag week:

bralen- nothing pisses me off more than...(she literally lists everything that pisses her off!)

me-what would i do without her? =
by goon brittanyy :) February 17, 2009
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