beats per minute (commonly used in konami's dance dance revolution
'whats the bpm?'
by **me** December 13, 2003
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Acronym, meaning Bitch, Piss, and Moan. Used to indicate excessive complaining.
Guy #1: Why are you back so early? I thought you had a date or something...

Guy #2: Yeah, well I dropped her off on the side of the road before we got to the restaurant. She decided to BPM the whole way, and I had enough.

Guy #1: I don't blame you. She sounds like a bitch.
by QuantumSpectre August 06, 2011
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boobs per minute.

How many boobs you see on a set time scale.
At mardi gras I was seeing at least 5 bpm.
by slipknottin March 23, 2011
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Bag Pula-n Mata (romanian insult)
Bag pula-n mata ba pisatule.
by Slash February 03, 2005
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An energy drink that could make you hyper, seem more awesome, and tastes pretty damn good too :D
"Yum, I love the green BPM it tastes so darn good!"
by VampireFuckingZozo April 12, 2010
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