Big Penis Gang. Organisation which was started in a top private school for those with the elite penis sizes. In order to apply one must apply through UCAS.
Are you in the BPG?
by Bbbbbppppppggggg March 22, 2019
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Big Pooper Guy. Every office building has one. You know ... the big fat guy down the hall who spends an hour in the bathroom and leaves it smelling like he ate a truck load of road kill for lunch.
Hell, gotta use the 1st floor bathroom, BPG was in here again. Gag!
by PB September 2, 2004
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Big Pooper Guy. A guy who dumps a huge load particularly at the workplace.
Wow ... there goes another BPG
by LG September 1, 2004
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Stands for Baby Pecker Genitalia. Used for somebody whose small penis (pecker) is so incredibly small, that it must be referred to as a BPG. This is a rare instance.
"Dude, i heard Frank has a BPG!"
by roflslol June 5, 2007
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he just got verified on soundcoud, he's talented af
"wasnt barack obama the first president" - bpg gavin
by 100gavin March 10, 2021
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She is a Attractive, Wealthy and Sexy lady.
Everyone adores her
First-Class Chic
Boujee Pretty Girl/ BPG is a beautiful, rich, sexy woman
by Boujeeprettylai November 2, 2018
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