The art of doing any forms of graffiti.
I'm out to bomb like vietnam!

Bombing is better than violence.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
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To fail spectacularly.
The team was predicted to bomb in the playoffs and it came true; they failed to win a single game.

The actor totally bombed, he was booed off stage by the crowd.
by daquanqm August 13, 2008
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A phrase that is used to show something is really cool. Exceptionally good to use while in an airport.
Man, this airport is THE BOMB!!!
by firewall July 02, 2015
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To get socked in the face on short notice from close range
Did you see the fight yester day at school Bryan bombed on Charles and broke his nose
by Bryan K Bradley February 05, 2010
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When you rip a fart so loud, long, and vile smelling, well my friends, you have just dropped the a bomb
Oh my god it smells like my grandpas asshole after taco bell in here! Jon dont drop the a bomb again I cant fucking breath!
by LUkeAss March 28, 2004
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