Stands for "big name fan", as known on tumblr. Within a fandom, there are usually multiple people who are known fandom-wide and who have many more followers than other people. These people are known as "BNF"s.
Evarren was a BNF from klaine fandom before she deleted her blog.
by nbs June 05, 2013
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bitch nigga fingers. Similar to butterfingers, but is used for video games where correct inputs are very important, such as Super Smash Bros.
Shofu just called out that kid for having BNF when he messed up his recovery in Smash 4.
by YamadaDesigns September 25, 2014
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Best Neighbor Friends

With this phrase you can talk to your neighbors that are close to you without using their real name. BNF refers as a nickname.
Thanks BNF!
Hey BNF, do you want to walk to the bus together tomorrow.
by anonymousM73 December 06, 2016
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If you see a dude walking around in a Bassnectar shirt, chances are he's bnf. If you're lucky you'll get to hear about how he's seen Bassnectar 32 1/2 times.
by bnfm8 May 13, 2019
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