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The word for every occasion. Developed by Suicide, bbrynn, and Liquid.
No one meaning of the word. Open to personal opinions.
"Man... That is soo BNAH!"
by THiNKFiRE December 11, 2003
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BNAH, one that washes his genitals too fast.
Glenn: My genitals are clean, but I'm covered with a thick translucent glue.
Nuff: You may want to wash a little slower.
by NuffNuff December 09, 2003
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Definition: A combination of bah and no. Meant to acknowledge a mock made against you. Also used to explain a mild negative sentiment.
Bob the Axe Guy: We need a new name for our monarch.
Simia: Let's call him Zyzikins.
Zyz: Bnah.
Shen-Mara: =)=)
by Zyz December 13, 2004
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