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n. Black Man In (the) Church

n. Coined by Squid, when a black man came into the church asking for money and scared the @&$%* out of all of us while we were practicing

n. Song, written by Before October Ends to jam out.

n. Source of MANY laughs
Squid: OH yeah... look at that guy right there.

Kevin: What guy?

Squid: That BMIC!!

Josh: BMIC?

Squid: Yeah you remember that Black Man In the Church??

Selena: Yeah guys.. remember that dude scared the **##% out of us

Squid: Dang BMICs, go suck a BUTTHOLE!!!
by blackmaninthechurch February 01, 2010
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1. an incredibly nice and funny guy
2. a person who is awesome beyond all words
3. a butler, usually named movins
4. one who has insatiable appetite for babies, esp. terriyaki style
5. one who "enjoys" the game of truth or dare
1. Awwww, youre such a bmic.
2. Dang bmic you the shizzle!
3. Home bmic!
4.You ate my babies....and didn't leave some for me you sick, sick bmic.
5.Hey bmic...truth or dare?
by pariesa h December 05, 2007
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