4 definitions by rustyn

something not only fattening but gives you gas as well.
Dude-- eating too much spaghetti can be fartening....
by rustyn January 4, 2008
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Someone, or something lackin' suaveness, someone or something that appears to be half-assed, someone or something that at the present time is acting really lame.
Person 1: Yo man. You's be schlaggin' it up today mate.
Person 2: Whatever man. YOU's be the one who's schlaggin'.
by rustyn December 15, 2007
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acronym for bad mannered, used by korean computer players.
You very BM player. THX thx. kakaka
by rustyn December 25, 2007
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1. A roller blader.

2. Someone who roller blades.
The Fruit Booder was seen blading down broadway boulevard.
by rustyn November 28, 2017
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