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Acronym for "Biggest Liar Of The United States."
What are we going to do when we cannot possibly believe anything BLOTUS says any more; he lies most of the time.
by paulpaxman January 10, 2017
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A term used to describe an individual who has succeeded in expanding his or her waistline to the point that the neck, chest and waist appears as one body part. Typically can be found sitting, eating, smoking, drinking, and eating.

The Blotus considers defecating as physical exercise. A Blotus is fond of infomercials and is a fan of the late Billy Mays and Tony Little. Multiple number of Blotus's (aka herd) are usually referenced as a Bloti. Typical clothing for the Blotis is workout clothing with expandable waist.
Bill, I am sorry you had to come to the party by yourself, but you are in luck... there are a couple of female Blotus's at the buffet table that you can score with. Just make sure you rub your body down with butter before introducing yourself.
by mikeverdill August 17, 2009
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