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An adjective used to describe a woman who is beyond being morbidly obese. A Blotis can be identified by whether or not matter in close proximity to the woman is drawn inward due to her massive gravitational pull, quite similar to a Black Hole. If you see a Blotis in public, avoid her at all costs. Coming within the event horizon of a Blotis is fatal and there is no escape.

A Blotis has an overwhelming need to consume all matter in the universe.

A Blotis may be near-by if you can physically feel the ground trembling or there is a sudden rupture in the space-time continuum. In the event of such misfortune the best course of action is to find shelter in the nearest gym.

Avoid public places such as fast-food restaurants and theme parks, unless you with to study a Blotis in it's natural habitat.

It is speculated that when a Blotis absorbs a critical mass of matter she will become a super-massive Blotis, which would mark the worlds ending.
-At first she was morbidly obese, then the doctors started classifying her as a Blotis.

-Hey man watch out!
-Whoa! Thanks man, that Blotis almost got me.

-Mommy what is that Blotis doing outside our house?
-Stay away from the windows! I'm going to lock all the doors and call the cops. God help us.
by alfsdjkk May 22, 2013
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