The sound a thumb makes when being pulled out of an asshole. This term generally implies a man pulling a thumb out of a woman’s asshole, though can be used for all gender combinations.
Woman: “What was that?”
Man: “Me pulling my thumb out of your asshole, Maggie
by Stonekilled July 4, 2018
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A nick-named noun otherwise known as XBox 360 Achievements, referring to the sound that one's television makes as the achievement is displayed at the top of the t.v.
*On XBox 360 headset talking over Live
Rob: Hey Patrick.....
Patrick: What?
Rob: Bloop Bloop! (Gets achievement on XBox) Haha bitches!
by jussme March 30, 2008
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When a girl fingers herself. A quick bloop bloop
Boy: Yo was that girl bloop blooping on zoom?
Girl: Yup. Ew.
by Narcissistickait January 30, 2021
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The type of (clean) bowel movement where the excrement are tiny and ball-shaped, resulting in a “bloop-bloop” sound when they break the surface of toilet water. When more of these droppings are released in a continuous and repetitive fashion, the longer the bloop-bloop will be. Some bloop-bloops are known to cause such splashes that will spray toilet water back up the rectum of the depositor. This is known as toilet backdraft.
My doodie made a bloop-bloop and tickled my asshole with cold water.
by MehsMehs June 3, 2005
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Manuel is so effin bloop bloop.

The puppy is bloop bloop.
by yo_noods April 19, 2009
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putting a dudes wang in your mouth then taking it out. A quick action. bloop-bloop.
"Yo did you give that dude head? Nah girl I just bloop-blooped him. Just to give him a taste of what it's like."
by J.Ho December 17, 2007
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