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In Japan, BL is the "modern" term for Shounenai, deffinition meaning "Boys love."
No matter how you spell it, english or kanji, you will get NOTHING on shounenai on a Japanese search engine, save dead sites refurring to retro mangas from the 70s & 80s.
by Allaiyah January 14, 2004
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Bl means Boys Love, it is often is used as another word for yaoi, which involves manga or anime. The book would most likely have the abriviation BL on it. Otherwise Warning this contains Gay things.
by Jeffrey Woods June 03, 2016
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BL is a short term for, "Boy Love". In other words it means Gay, Yaoi, Boy X Boy. BL is commonly used in anime.
Person1: Hey want to watch some bl with me?
Person2 : What's that?
Person1 : Oh it's like gays basically, Or like a Gay TV series Or Anime...ect
Person2 : Sure!
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by my defined stuff by me :) December 11, 2019
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BL stands for Boys Love, BL is also an anime/manga genre somewhat close to yaoi.
Wow! i just love BL mangas.
by amelialovesyou September 20, 2020
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Born Legend.

1.can be used in real life to describe someone successful, a have-it-all, a champion held in high regard

2.can also be used in games to describe someone extremely skillful and has attained the rank/status of "legendary", also akin to winning multiple MVP (most valuable player)
Kate: can't you feel the charm oozing out of Bryan? he's well-to-do, sexy, chiseled, CEO of that firm, sophisticated yet humble..

Emma: oh, yeah he's a BL.


Stephen: oh wow, look at this dude, his stats are absolutely remarkable

Mikey: who?
Stephen: who else? with 46.3% MVP rate, 82. 1% win rate, avg KDA over 16 per game, consistently among top 20 players worldwide for 5 years...

Mikey: wicked sickkk, he's a BL.
Stephen: What's a BL?
Mikey: A Born Legend.
by manhatteneto May 22, 2020
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