Dude, that guy with the green teeth hangs out at porn shops. He's a BFW.
by TaraNadine July 26, 2006
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Big Fucking Whoops. As seen in Saw V.
Mallick: Whoops.
Brit: Yeah. BFW.
by Vincent Allen January 20, 2009
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best friend withdraw.

when you feel as though you have not talked to your best friend in a long time and feel sick because you miss them so much.
friend: hey man, you ok? you don't look so good...

other friend: i don't know dude, i may be having a bfw...haven't talked to my best friend in forever...
by i rely dunnoooo January 08, 2012
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Big Fucking Whoopee (As used in the "TISM"(band) song "BFW")
This is Australian slang similar to "Who gives a fuck", "Who gives a shit", "Who gives a crap", "Who cares".
BFW! Vegans!
by DiyHifidelity June 30, 2020
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Acronym, Part Noun, Part Verb.
B=Bull. F=Fuck. W=Walrus. S=Shit. So together it equals Bull Fuck, Walrus Shit.
You and you're sibling get into an argument, She/he says "I hate you!" You reply, "I don't give a BFWS!"
by Kaimily May 29, 2009
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