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A one shot sniper rifle that is most commonly used by noobs in a Roblox game called Phantom Forces. Known for being bought with robux instead of ranking up making it the most hated weapon in the game.
Buying a BFG 50 makes you a noob.
Don't you hate when noobs buy the BFG 50 because they are bad at the game?
by memecatdiscord March 01, 2019
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Big F****ing Gun that uses .50 BMG
Tyler: I was playing some game and there's this gun called the BFG-50. Any idea what it stands for?
Bob: It's Big F***ing Gun...
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by PzVIIIMaus June 08, 2018
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The BFG-50 is a single shot Anti-Personnel rifle designed by Mark Serbu, founder of Serbu Firearms. The rifle's ammunition takes .50 BMG, but .50 DTC is also available in certain regions. The BFG-50's sister rifle, the BFG .50a, is a magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifle. It takes standard 10-round M-82 magazines.
Yesterday, I made a video on how to shoot a BFG-50. It was awesome!
by Exodus Martial December 17, 2016
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