Slang commonly used in text messages or instant messages meaning big fucking deal, as used by Micheal Scott in an episode of The Office.
Jim: I can't make a move on her she's engaged.
Micheal: BFD, engaged ain't married.
by Chris Sidote June 19, 2008
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acronym: Big Fuckin' Deal. use sarcastically
you trashed your machine? BFD! there's a backup
by crontab May 23, 2001
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Biden: we did it
Obama: yes we did
Biden: this is a BFD.
by pillowpantz March 24, 2010
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BFD means "Big F***ing Deal"
Apple finally makes the plunge into the Cloud. What's the BFD?
by Kojaxe June 13, 2011
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Big fuckin deal! Of no consequence to any one in particular.
"Jason just got a new Testarosa." "Oh, really? BFD."
by Karen Loera July 2, 2007
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Pretty Girl: So, did you hear the BFD's passed the health care bill?
Sexy Girl: What are BFD's?
Pretty Girl: Buttfucking Democrats.
by TheSovietCollossus March 25, 2010
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