Slang commonly used in text messages or instant messages meaning big fucking deal, as used by Micheal Scott in an episode of The Office.
Jim: I can't make a move on her she's engaged.
Micheal: BFD, engaged ain't married.
by Chris Sidote June 19, 2008
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acronym: Big Fuckin' Deal. use sarcastically
you trashed your machine? BFD! there's a backup
by crontab May 23, 2001
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Big fat dick. Originating from the Devin Millar song of the same name.
I got a BFD and I'm ready baby.
by wikiasuckeru August 18, 2022
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Shirt for "Big fat Dick". It's when a penis is hard and the balls are big.
Guy: Hey girl. Do you wanna do it tonight?

Girl: Sure babe.

Guy: I got a BFD, and I'm a winner.
by Trashmenger August 13, 2022
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