abbreviation for someone who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts. This typically means that they are consistently out of work because they are artists, actors, dancers, singers, etc. BFA's refuse to give up on their dreams and would rather live in poverty then get a real job.
He can't pay his rent this month because he's a goddamn BFA!
by marecare September 29, 2005
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Bad Fucking Ass - Being in or doing an act that gets someone to say randomly, "That is Bad Fucking Ass!," and consequently making you happy for being a bad ass.
Ex. 1

Main Character: Yesterday I was walking down the street and some guy pissed me off, so I curb stomped his ass.

Friend #2: Holy crap bro, that is B.F.A.!

Ex. 2

Main character: Last night I was at this party and I was able to get this hot chick to let me fuck her in the arse dude!

Friend #1: Holy shit bro no way! You are B.F.A.!
by The bad fucking asser August 19, 2009
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dude #1- dude i got so wasted and fucked a hot chick!

dude #2- bro thats B.F.A.
by kingsaveahoe August 17, 2009
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Known commonly to United States Military as the Blank Fire Adapter. This barrel cover is screwed down to prevent blank cartridge from becoming dangerous.

A term adorned by under paid and over worked soliders meaning Butt F#@k Adapter. Used to express frustration of deadly units limited by an ugly orange box at the end of the rifle
GI Joe: Hey Rambo, are you stoked these ugly orange boxes will be defilling our instruments of death? Get ready for 3 hours of team tactics with our BFAs!

Rambo: OHN (o hell no) Joe! This lousy contraption is more like a butt f*#1 adapter!
by takali10 December 07, 2010
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Worst kind of lying, scheming, self righteous scumbag of a human being; complete hypocrite; person with abominably low morals, but a belief of complete self-importance and selfishness. Bill Cosby.

Gary: Dude, did you see that guy get clipped by a plow truck?!! ...Should we go help him?
Sal: Nah, that's Jay. Leave him, he's a real BFA.
Gary: you're right, let's go get wasted!
Sal: Word.
by Capt. Spastik December 12, 2014
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Big Fat Ass. A person who has a gigantic ass beyond the level of bubble butt, a full-blown fatass's doublewide ass. Usually refers to women, especially blacks, hispanics, and soccer moms.
The cushion of Paul's chair had been completely blown through by a B.F.A.

by Herman_Merman August 13, 2007
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