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Becca is an amazing person who can be crazy yet so attractive, who has a wonderful and cute personality, she always wants you to be happy and is always out there to put other before herself, she always puts on a smile even when she’s going through a terrible time herself, she’s always happy and positive to everyone around her, and always includes everyone in everything she does, she always has people wanting to spend time with her and just doesn’t have enough time to spend with everyone she loves. She’s an all around beautiful young lady who has beautiful eyes you can get lost in, she’s the best type of girlfriend and also an amazing bestfriend, she’s the best person to kiss and just have fun with, she’ll always be there to have fun with you no matter what you do, she’ll always be there and will never let you down, she’s the best lover who isn’t afraid of anything and always puts on a brave smile for her significant other, she is always smiling and always making everyone around her feel special, she’s an all around amazing young woman, if you have a Becca in life then don’t lose her bc that will be the biggest mistake you ever make
That girl reminds me of becca
by BRODY;) October 13, 2018
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One of the coolest friends you will ever have. Becca's are usually easy to get along with, love to have fun, are great at keeping secrets, easy to talk to and know when to be serious. They make the best girlfriends or best friends. If you know a Becca, try to be her friend.
"That girl is awesome!"

"Yeah, that's Becca"
by IWinYouLose February 07, 2012
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A young beautiful woman who loves everyone no matter what! and will slap bitches who make fun of the one's she loves!
by John Gassie December 26, 2010
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Becca is a very crazy yet loving and considerate person, she won’t shy away from fun, yet never crosses the line. She’s out there to make you laugh and all around a great person to be around. She makes the best girlfriends because she’ll be your bestfriend and your girlfriend at the same time and will always be there to make you smile, she always loving and selfless. She’s usually gorgeous with beautiful eyes and an even more pretty smile. She makes everyone around her feel special, she has the biggest heart and is always looking to put others before herself, she’s also an absolute baller and will always agree to play basketball with you, she has many friends and always loyal to them, she is loyal and usually madly in love with her boyfriend, if u have a Becca in your life, don’t lose her because it will Ben the biggest mistake you ever make
Wow, that girl reminds me so much of a becca
by BRODY;) October 13, 2018
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1. The girl who can say anything and make you laugh, excpecially when she says she's serious.
2. A girl that thinks she's not very popular even though she is pretty and #1.
Becca just dosnt get it!
by So Cool It hurts! September 21, 2008
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the most amazing person you have ever met. she loves to feel pretty because everybody thinks she is. most people with the name becca tend to be the most awesome person ever. and tend to have a nice booty.
wow look at that girl, she must be becca.
by becpec March 14, 2011
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