Becca is stunning, she is one sexy piece of ass and would go perfect with a boy named Niall. She has a lovely personality and amazing fashion sense, she can make you laugh so so much and is an all round amazing person.
"Becca is simply amazing, wish I was friends with her"
"I saw Becca wearing army pants and flip flops, so I went out and bought army pants and flip flops"
by rigieruiginbjdjb September 25, 2011
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the girl that has everything a man needs, that will love him and will always hold her thumb up to the moon to make sure she is next to her guy :) also a girl who just so happens to have a dog called mr jefferson
wow your amazing becca :)
by jefferson1991 August 31, 2010
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The most beautiful, amazing, awesome girl on this earth. She always knows how to get you up when you are down and will never let you go one day without a smile on your face. She is also really cute and is the best kisser ever.
Person: my girlfriend broke up with me and I just feel like crying all day for the rest of my life
Becca: it's ok, you don't need that girl to be happy, you have other people that care about you and love you.
Person: awe! Thank you so much! You made my day and now I'm happy
by Unanimous... December 22, 2016
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Becca’s do not have many friends because Becca tends to sleep with a lot of people and love/care for a lot of people.

Becca’s usually have dark brown hair and either light or dark brown eyes. Becca’s usually also have a thick booty, thick thighs, nice breasts, and lots of bruises and cuts over their body from their own clumsiness. Becca’s also prefer natural beauty for themselves.

Don’t ever try make a Becca jealous or feel negative emotion because she will come around and bring it back two-fold on your ass. Becca’s can also be a bad influence and very careless about themselves because they want to have fun and live their best lives but also struggle with some insecurity due to other’s reactions toward their behavior.

Becca’s never talk shit or say hateful things about people. They are usually very honest and deep down they care about the people they speak about.

Becca’s will speak out against people if they disagree with someone and they will school their asses.
Person 1: “I hate Becca, she’s so annoying and a bitch!”
Person 2: “At least she isn’t fake, nor does she talk shit on people. She accepts her own flaws.”
by laroojr August 19, 2018
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a name for a girl, who is not always a whore or a slut. Just a name. Short for Rebecca.
Hi Im Rebecca, but I go by Becca.
by bec91 December 29, 2009
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A girl that everyone wants to smash cuz she so sexayyy
Damnnnn becca lookin sexy today. Agah
by Beccaaga September 06, 2017
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Becca is a badass kind of girl, socialy akward, but always knows what to say, funny but serious, also she is very loyal and very childish, but she has been though shit but doesn't let it bring her down.

(Also she may murder you in your sleep)

But in all seriousness she's a fun-loveing badass, great friend to have.
"There's a Becca"
"oh no, get the fuck outta her way"
by Your Local Badass June 13, 2019
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