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Becca ... Most often short for Rebecca ... is the most interesting person you will ever meet. Becca is an excellent friend and girlfriend. Beccas are out going and energetic and have the ability to make you laugh when you don't want to.Beccas will never give up hope and make others feel better when shes around. Becca has a kind heart and loves deeply. Becca has a lot of depth and a different perspective on life. The more you get to know her you'll understand she's more than meets the eye. Becca has super powers that you don't want to mess with. Becca also has a split personality named ALICE. Dont make Becca angry or you will have the great displeasure of meeting ALICE.
Man Becca has the best capes ever 😎
"Hey did you make Becca mad?" "Yeah and she almost took my head off!" "I told you not to make her angry because you'd have to deal with ALICE."
by ALICE'N'WTFLAND March 03, 2019

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