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One of the coolest friends you will ever have. Becca's are usually easy to get along with, love to have fun, are great at keeping secrets, easy to talk to and know when to be serious. They make the best girlfriends or best friends. If you know a Becca, try to be her friend.
"That girl is awesome!"

"Yeah, that's Becca"
by IWinYouLose February 07, 2012

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A person who's ethnicity includes Black, Mexican, White, and Asian.

This race is rarely seen, but is duly noted when a member appears.
"OMG look over there! Is that a Blexiwasiacan man?!"

"I don't know! I've only ever seen pictures!"
by iwinyoulose October 31, 2009

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a ghetto town in northern Massachusetts.

this town is so ghetto that its population all speak and act "ghetto". many strange expressions such as "stoked" and "joshing" originated here.
"im so stoked for the party tonight. haha just joshing.."

"judging from your vernacular, you must be from Wakefield, MA."
by iwinyoulose October 07, 2009

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