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In Africa, paricularly, in Nigeria, the word Bado means an individual that is socially exposed; sometimes to his own detriment. However the case may be, in the social sphere, bado or baddo is commonly used to describe a badass, go-getter, ladies-man, and sharp guy. The name has been in existence for decides, particular in boarding schools; as a description of a no-nonsense senior. In recent times, the name has been popularised by popular rapper/singer, Olamide
Cynthia: Could you believe that Olamide cheated on me with a nicki minaj look-alike?
Imelda: What do you expect? you are dating a fraking bado
by Greaminati X July 24, 2016
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Bare-Ass-Dutch-Oven - Performing a dutch oven while having your pants and under garments down below your ass. The free flowing air from your anus is 3x more powerful and the effects are almost instant.
As soon as we got into bed, I put Erica under the covers and created the most powerful BADO ever!
by Andrew Monda December 10, 2009
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The word bado stands for (Bitch Ass Day Off). This is when you take a day off from work for no reason in particular.
Yo, I took a bado today 'cause I got hammered at the club last night.
by Paul July 29, 2004
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