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Girl: My man tryna go to Disney Land but we all know he a B.A.N
by UbERmaN3221 November 06, 2015
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A "Bitch-ass-nigga," also known as a busta, a someone who you can't trust, a fool, not a hustla, he ain't never thrust a single useful gestcha (gesture).
Deep falcon rarely speaks, but when he does, its guaranteed he'll say, "Lil' B.A.N.," since he tends to think most people other than himself are bustas, and he just might be right.
by nesia November 28, 2005
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abbreviation for the phrase "bitch ass nigga". often used in chat rooms.
chater1: yo
chater2: sup
chater1: nm, yo i hooked up with your sister
chater2: you b.a.n!!
by Urban Dictionary March 24, 2007
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acronym for bitch ass nigga. used to describe someone whos a bitch ass nigga
guy 1: i was kickin it with some straight b.a.n.s last night
guy 2: fuck those bitch ass niggas
by dj ralph February 06, 2006
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v. to bar from; to restrict access to, to exile. See also: Aetherialize
by Plague September 23, 2003
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