A girl that holds off on the sex.
My girlfriend is such a damn b-squared , she won't try anything! That's alright. Her friends CR will!!
by Willy Wonka's Midget January 17, 2006
To be extremely ghetto. (black on the inside and black on the outside)

Brought to you by Peace & Love. V@n & Cece
Some b-squared bitches came in last night with jordans and a weave
by Peace & love January 22, 2007
Pythagorean Theorem:
A formula used to find the length of one side of a right triangle when given the lengths of the other two (c squared is the hypotenuse/longest side of the triangle).
Teacher: Does anyone know how we can find the length of the hypotenuse?
Alec Smart (Student): A squared plus b squared equals c squared!
by chochang October 12, 2011
Drinking booze after smoking
Originated from drinking a budlight after smoking bud
Bud x Booze = B squared
Hey is chad B squared?
Yea bro he shotgunned like 4 beers after we smoked and he’s fuckeddd up.
by sivvy23 July 27, 2020