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A group of people that are less important/popular compared to some of your other friends
Jake and Bill were busy today so I had to hang out with the B Squad.
by frank_the_tank_ January 18, 2010
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originated in the members's 9th year of school... usually found making a scene in a public place, disrupting the peace, or disturbing innocent bystanders. travel in packs, dont allow eachother to "loner".
Person 1: Hey, why who was that making a scene at the diner?
Person 2: I dont know, but they were some HOTT BITCHES.
Person 3: Wait, it wasnt...
Person 1: OMG! It was the B SQUAD!
Person 2: I feel honored
by uuh September 05, 2007
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homosexual, a man who likes to have sex with other men.
bsquad puts he's penis into a man's anal.
by nick nolte December 15, 2003
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A group of Popular People who go around Slut dropping and showing off their breasts usually at the age of 13 wearing Nike and addidas that think there cooler than everyone else when there not.
Here comes the B squad ... 😒
by Weird Human April 13, 2017
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