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An Azumi is a imaginary creature that dances in wooden glens while punch dancing their rage out. Azumis tend to be of Asian decent and their close relatives, Ayumis, often dislike them. Azumi's taste is music is often questionable. They wouldn't know good music even if it tapped them on the shoulder and said "Hey! I am good music". Though there are the occasional exceptions. And who knows maybe one day their musical taste will evolve into something amazing and magical, kinda like a kyenna's musical taste. Azumis are generally happy, but if they ever seem angry, the best thing is to run away screaming, or drop to the ground in fetal postion and hope your death is swift.
"Hmm, what should I get? A kyenna or an azumi?"

"Oh! Definitely get the Kyenna! Hey are nicer and have better taste in music. PLus they are not imaginary!"

"Good point! A kyenna it is!"
by Snyder's of Hanover January 25, 2009
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A really sweet girl. Savage and cool. A moment with her will make u wish she is yours. She has a really cool papii and sweet bone. One of the most beautiful girls on the planet but very stubborn 2. Leader of Azumi witches counsel.
*just get an Azumi to be yours*
Why are you smiling this wide?
Cos I just met Azumi
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by Minkoko February 21, 2019
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crazy kyenna
Azumi,n or adj A female that dislikes screamo. Azumi's constantly brings her friends down when their sister does their makeup. They also says her friends are very predictable.

Despite these shortcomings, Azumi is very cool. Azumi's usually end up being the president's mistress, or maybe the vice., either are applicable.

Their taste in music isn't bad, if you like the Higher, and consider yourself a pedophile.

To Azumi: vrb
To get your butt kicked by a kyenna
"My friend Beyonce was acting like an Azumi today, She totally dissed me"

"DUDE! I totally got Azumied!"
by Cloneme June 25, 2008
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