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A handsome male name Azeez originates from the western world given to handsome boys, players and womanizers. Azeez's are known to be kind hearted and competitive and will search for a way to be at the top by any means necessary
So Azeez

That's such an Azeez thing

Yeah he's definitely an Azeez
by Name Examiner April 17, 2017
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More commonly known as "Abeez" or "Acheez" due to his love of cheezies and the fact that he looks like a bee. He also likes weeb shit and spends all class watching Fortnite videos. He is also referred to as dad, he will beat you specifically on Thursdays; whether it's for your pleasure or his is irrelevant. He enjoys shoving his monster dongle up squirrels and doing laundry. he also got that thicckque balck grill booty
Damn look at that man eating all the fucking cheezies, must be an Azeez
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by Almighty Daygon November 06, 2018
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Azeez is a very great guy he is very good at all sports he is a great with girls if u meet an Azeez always go up to this charming boy he will settle girls hearts
If u meet an Azeez be his friend or anything to stay in contact with this brilliant guy
by Sir Zeez December 03, 2019
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