When the pizza is here
Friend: "Ayo the pizza here."
*runs downstairs and trips*
*yelling in pain as I fall down the stairs*
Me: " augh my ears burn"
by 9/11 was a gender reveal September 14, 2020
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Can be used to express physical pain after falling down a staircase.
Ayo the pizza here oh nigga ahhhhh oww my ears burn.
by April 16, 2021
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when the pizza arrives
hello my close friend. I have come to inform you that the homo sapien who brings a dish known as pizza to people's houses has now arrived in the vicinity of our household. I am now going to decend our stairs to get to our main entrance and exit to retrieve our pizza.
"ayo the pizza here!"
*he then falls down the stairs, breaking his legs on the way down, and after screams that his ears burn even though his ears never made contact with the ground.*
by the pizza has arrived October 14, 2021
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An omori fandom joke, where Mari fell down the stairs when she went to get the pizza
Mari: ayo the pizza here!
Sunny and Basil: well, I guess it’s trauma time
by SunnyKin April 6, 2021
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Used when the pizza arrives to your house
Pizza delivery: Ayo the pizza's here
Somebody: *Goes down stairs to take the pizza*
Somebody: OH NIGGA
Somebody: *Falls down stairs*
Somebody: *After Somebody gets down stairs*
Somebody: Ah, my ears burn
by corkscrew2000 August 22, 2021
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