a response for a very suspect or homosexual comment.
Dude 1: That's a big bulge in your pants, what is it?

Dude 2: AYOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Sosa Ave July 13, 2008
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This is a Nigerian name of the Yoruba dialect which means 'Joy'. It can be combined with other names.
e.g. Ayodele meaning Joy (Ayo) has come/arrived home (Dele)
by nun ur biznaess September 03, 2006
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Someone everyone wants to be cause he's sick at everything
by Asssssssas November 07, 2016
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The best song ever by Andre Nickatina. Ayo for Yayo is a tale..all about that yayo...
AYO FOR YAYO WALK AROUND WITH YAYO ALL IN MY NASAL I MUSTA BEEN CRAZED YO... damn boyyy that's my favorite jam! -Rick aka..crackbat.
by girlonthestreet March 31, 2004
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1. Said after someone says something that may be considered gay or suspect.

2. Something that looks suspect or gay.

3. Another way of saying "no homo"
Guy 1: "Man I sure could go for a hot dog right now, I'm not where the craving came from. It just kind of came in my mouth"

Guy 2: "AYO!!"
by Auspicious July 10, 2008
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"Ayo bro" is used if you need to say something ,someone said something sus,ect......
Jordan: you have nice buttocks man Tyson: stop acting sus bro Jordan: who said i was acting? Tyson: AYO?!?!
by caca is beautiful May 23, 2021
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