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A sweet loving person who always makes my day. She's so amazing and such a kind hearted person. She always makes people happy no matter what. She's so beautiful and whoever gets a Aylin in their life will be so lucky. She knows how to make people's days when they have a bad day. She is the most amazing friend to have.
Aylin is the bestest friend I can ever have.
by Fjflcjddjrdkfi May 03, 2018
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Aylin is a girl who is loved by everyone and loves her freinds very much.She gets everyone no matter what.She is GORGEOUS as can be.She likes guys that start with the letter L.She has one guy freind that she can’t leave alone and is freinds with his girlfriend and because of that the boyfriend and girlfriend fight sometimes but it’s ok.She is loyal to everyone she meets and is unique in her own way.She loves her family has lots of freinds and loves all of her freinds no matter what but she’s tif so be careful to get on her bad side.But in the end she will always forgive u.She has a huge heart !!!No one can not be her freind.So if u have a aylin in ur life don’t let her go plz.

written by :Brooke Allen

❤️ u girly
Freind: OMG brooke do u see that gurl
Brooke:Yea that’s my best freind aylin
Friend :i wish she was my freind
Brooke:well i’m never letting her go
by @dasherblah January 17, 2018
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She is the most gorgeous girl ever she like sports she so sweet and she loves pets she is so nice she makes every body day she might be shy but when you get to meet her more you would never forget about her every one would be so lucky to have her she is so cute and she is the best
Jesus loves Aylin more then Aylin loves Jesus
by so cute April 23, 2018
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pretty gorgeous cute funny loves sports always happy makes others happpy shes
kind, loving, loves to dance always cheering others up shes smart always makes the day better anyone would be lucky to have an aylin in there life
aylin :)
by jimmy_rios February 26, 2013
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Aylin is a vary heartwarming person. She can be a drama queen from time to time since she loves to act. She loves all animals and feels bad when they get hurt. When you first meet Aylin, she could be very shy but when you get to meet her she is a very outgoing person and will tell you everything. She loves to draw and if you don’t see her drawing she is looking for inspiration, painting her nails, playing a board game, or even in a sport. She loves to listen to music even if it helps her get in a character for an audition. Any person will love to have her in their life. She could be quiet when she needs to, if she thinks she does not need to say anything, or if she thinks she is going to be mean at that time. She is very sensitive and stresses out very easily. She will get out of her confort zone and defend a friend so she will not lose her friends since they have been with her for everything.
Aylin is a shy, wonderful, artistic, sensitive, stressful, and would defend her friend at any cost.
by Lizzyvil June 05, 2018
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Meet an Aylin at high altitude and she'll make you sick to your stomach for four to five years too.
by jewmendoorah May 14, 2012
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