Gandoo is word used in Punjabi/Urdu for a person who used to be fucked.
Gandoo does not mean gay. A gay acting passive is named gandoo. This is slang, used to abuse someone.
He is gandoo, as he like to be fucked.
by Zeeshan Kashif March 02, 2004
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A hindu with extreme desires of being fucked in the ass with a paki lund
by big daddy November 03, 2003
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indian man (aseed) who likes to be fucked in the ass
aseed is a gandoo who goes looking for men to fuck him in the ass
by stevew dubai December 15, 2007
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jo harami iska meaning dhoonde, woh gandoo
by harami December 14, 2003
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All pakis , Exremist Islamists
Gen kayani Shuja Pasha when their

arse taken along wit osamas on May 2nd

by Hindu-supremeacist May 18, 2011
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Gandoo, Originating from word Gand meaning Arse, This word is used for a person whose arse can be taken very easily by everyone.
Anshul is Gandoo.Meaning everyone can take his arse. He is very stupid.
by Bratz December 11, 2007
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